Privacy Policy
YueGame and its affiliates (hereinafter collectively referred to as "our" or "YueGame"), as digital technology companies developing mobile games, have always attached great importance to the protection of personal information and privacy protection in data applications.
Please read the following Privacy Policy carefully to understand how we collect and use information from or about you and your end-users.
Please note that opening the YueGame app or using our app means that you have read, understood and agree to this Privacy Policy.
This policy is valid throughout your use of the app and the application.
If you do not agree with this policy, you should immediately stop using the YueGame app and the various applications described below.
First, how do we collect and use information:
1, open and use the YueGame app
When you visit our app, like most apps, we will
- Automatically collect the device's IMEI or IDFA, model number, network application name, network type, location, and create a unique identifier.
We use this information for:
-Improve your use of the app's experience and application quality;
- Help us effectively manage app content;
- Analyze the in-app activities of group users and the social information of the entire user group;
2, using the YueGame application overview
1) When you activate the YueGame app, we will ask you to provide your personal information, including name, email address, password and mobile phone number to create an account. When you follow up with us and continue to use the YueGame app, we may ask you to provide more contact information, including:
- contact address, telephone number, job title and position;
- Your business information, such as business name and business type;
- Your product information, such as the name, content, category, and certain features of the mobile app; promotion channel information, etc.
We use this information for:
- Send you a confirmation of registration;
- Understand and manage accounts;
- Respond to your customer application requirements;
- Understand your business and product requirements to determine applicable products and applications;
- Contact you for marketing and promotion purposes and provide you with more information about our products;
- Conduct research and analysis to enhance our app and application quality;
2) We leave an e-mail on the app to allow you to contact us. When you contact us by email, you may provide personal information that we will use to respond to your questions and application requirements and improve our apps and applications.
3, use the YueGame application details
1) Analysis of YueGame application
YueGame provides a number of statistical analysis applications for mobile applications.
After you integrate the YueGame data SDK or API in your application, your application will collect and transmit relevant data of your end users through technical means, and analyze these through our application.
Data to understand the performance and user usage of your application on different end devices, the use of platform or application distribution channels.
Your end-user data typically includes but is not limited to:
SDK or API version, platform, timestamp, application identifier, application version, application distribution channel, iOS vendor identifier (IDFV), iOS advertising identifier (IDFA), Android advertiser master identifier, device model, terminal manufacturer, terminal device operating system version, session start/stop time, language location, mobile network/country code, time zone and network status (WiFi, etc.), hard disk, CPU and battery usage Wait.
Depending on the type of your mobile application and your requirements for statistical analysis options, your end-user data may also include: user gender, age, geographic location, user triggered specific events, error reports, page views, and more.
For the purpose of analysis and application, YueGame analysis application will send the above data to your application of YueGame through your application.
It will be displayed by YueGame in the form of aggregated data and analysis report.
You can log in to our app. The accounts look up relevant statistics and analysis results.
2) Industry report application
We will build the YueGame database based on the data collected by the analysis application and the data obtained through other legal channels, and make performance evaluation or behavior pattern analysis reports for applications in publishers, industry, specific regions, and markets (collectively referred to as "industry reports. ").
The industry report will be presented in an unrecognizable aggregate form, including both the self-published by YueGame and custom-made according to your needs.
In a special case, we also use the statistical model of YueGame to make evaluation results of some kind or kind of application.
The evaluation result may be derived from the data obtained from your application and thus present a certain degree with your application.
Consistent, but these assessment results are based on the data model we calculated for evaluation purposes, and are aggregated and anonymous.
3) The mobile game data management platform (YueGame DMP)
We will build YueGame database based on the data collected by the analysis application and data obtained through other legal channels, and form a YueGame user identifier (TDID) through aggregation, cleaning, and intelligent operations to build a large-scale third-party precision population data center. .
The center classifies mobile terminal users with common features and interests into different groups of people.
It will provide the industry-wide practitioners with crowd tag information in an open interface format to help optimize delivery and enhance marketing effectiveness.
The user can purchase the corresponding tag information by matching the TDID with the YueGame DMP.
The tag information is obtained through the aggregation, anonymization processing, and intelligent calculations of the mass mobile data of the audience, and is finally reflected in the form of statistical analysis data, and does not include any personal privacy or identifiable data of the audience.
4) Third-party commercial cooperation
In addition to the use of the user in the form of YueGame DMP, we will also cooperate with third parties to use the processed and processed data of the YueGame DMP platform for commercial use in various ways, including but not limited to: Advertising The cooperation of the main, advertising alliances or other advertising operators will use the data to optimize advertising and enhance marketing effectiveness. The data we share with third parties does not contain any personal privacy or identifiable content.
Second, the end-user data authorization and consent
You are very clear that in order to use our data statistics and analysis, you need us to collect, store, and process the personal information of end users from your application.
Therefore, you must promise:
1) You have obtained the necessary and sufficient authorization, consent and permission from the end user to allow us to use the application for the purpose required;
2) You have obtained sufficient and necessary authorizations, consents and permits from end users to allow us to process and transfer anonymously and aggregated data (including possible international transfers);
3) You have complied and will continue to comply with applicable laws, regulations, and regulatory requirements, including but not limited to formulating and publishing relevant policies regarding personal information protection and privacy protection;
4) You have disclosed and explained to end users that we are allowed to anonymously and aggregately process the collected data and transfer them to non-related parties for Internet-directed advertising purposes, but you should also provide easy access to end users.
The operation selection mechanism explains how and when the user can exercise the option, and explains how and when the option can be modified or withdrawn when the option is exercised, so that the user can choose to agree or disagree to collect and use for Internet-directed advertising purposes.
Its identity related information and the transfer of this information to third parties;
If you breach your promise as a result of your end-user claiming any kind of claims or claims from us, or causing us to be involved in legal or administrative proceedings, you will be responsible for a full settlement and for any form of damage that we may incur. loss.
Third, update and save information
We will keep the update channel on your account login page so that you can review, update or correct the personal information that you have left with us.
We will store, process, and use the data that your product terminal sends to the Applicator for the purpose of providing the application, and delete it within a reasonable period of time after the purpose of the application is met.
Despite the above provisions, to resolve disputes, enforce user agreements, and comply with technical requirements related to security operations, we may still retain certain data to a reasonable time, to the extent permitted by law.
Fourth, we take the data security measures
There is no transmission method on the Internet, or the electronic storage method is 100% secure.
Although we have done our reasonable efforts, we may still stolen, illegally owned or misused to bring you, your property and your reputation to you and your users.
The risk of loss in other areas.
You have understood the above risks and volunteered.
We will use industry-accepted and reasonable standards to protect the security and confidentiality of the information we store.
Including but not limited to: firewall and data backup measures; data center access restrictions; employee confidentiality agreements and security management systems; identification of mobile terminals.
V. Our Information Protection for Minors
We have made it clear in the application premise that the registration of minors as our users is not accepted.
Under informed circumstances, we will not collect and use data from minors.
If your app is designed and developed for minors, make sure that your end user's registration and use of the app is done by the guardian of the minor.
How we disclose and share information with other parties
Except as described in this policy, your data will not be disclosed and shared to third parties in a identifiable form. However, except in the following cases:
1. Get your prior consent;
2. Due to judicial, administrative and other legal procedures;
3. Under limited circumstances, we may hire third-party suppliers, consultants, or other application providers to provide us with necessary maintenance, support, and applications, only if such third parties are required to perform our work and have signed with us.
The necessary clauses protect data security and confidentiality.
4. In an emergency situation, reasonable judgment is to protect the legitimate rights and security of us, our agents, customers, end users or others.
5. We are making or intending to carry out major changes such as corporate mergers and acquisitions, reorganization, and sale of all or part of the shares and/or assets, including but not limited to the due diligence process.
However, we may share anonymized or aggregated information with third parties in a form that does not directly identify you or your users.
VII. International Transfer Issues
In providing the application, we may transfer data collected from you or your product end users to our affiliates or other third parties outside of your jurisdiction. If you or your product end-user is outside the jurisdiction of the People's Republic of China, or if you or your product end-user is located in the jurisdiction of the People's Republic of China, but we need to transfer to the jurisdiction of the People's Republic of China You should agree or obtain the end user's consent regarding this international transfer.
We strongly recommend that you consult with a local professional to ensure that this item is transferred or transferred in line with local data protection requirements.
In particular, when international transfers involve the European Union or the United States, please note the legality of the protection of personal information data in these countries and regions.
VIII. Policy Updates and Effectiveness
We reserve the right to adjust our Privacy Policy at any time based on changes in the application, adjustments to applicable laws and policies, and other factors that may be affected.
Any updates to this privacy policy will be posted on this page with an annotation update time, so please feel free to review and understand your privacy policy.
If you do not agree to accept this privacy policy, please stop accessing and using our application.
This policy is an important part of the YueGame application terms.
IX. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution
This policy shall be interpreted and governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. Any disputes between you and YueGame shall be settled through friendly negotiation.
If the consultation fails, either party has the right to submit the dispute to the Beijing Arbitration Commission for applying for an arbitral award in Beijing in accordance with its then-current arbitration rules.
Ten, contact us
If you have any questions, suggestions or complaints about our privacy policy, please contact []